April 12, 2013

Free Ukulele Concert and Play Along at Mondavi Center

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Join us in the Corin Courtyard on April 12 for food, drink and a free concert—and, bring your ukulele!

The concert features Uni & Her Ukelele who brings an eclectic mix of mean ukulele playing and infectious good fun. Those of you who play you own uke, bring it along! Cliff Adams of the Sacramento ukulele club Na Aikane will lead a Play Along rehearsal of George Hinchliffe’s Relentlessly “In C.” Food and drink will be available for purchase during the show.
The outdoor concert takes place prior to the performance of The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain in Jackson Hall. Audience members are encouraged to bring their ukuleles to the show and play Relentlessly “In C” with the orchestra during the performance. Audience members will be required to check their ukulele cases in the lobby.

Download music for Relentlessly "In C"

Friday, April 12
6:30–7pm: Uni & her Ukelele
7–7:10pm: Relentlessly “In C” rehearsal led by Cliff Adams of Na Aikane
7:10–7:30pm: Uni & her Ukelele
7:30–7:40pm: Relentlessly “In C” rehearsal led by Cliff Adams of Na Aikane
Uni & Her Ukelele


  1. I wish i wasnt working right now so i could go see Uni and her Ukeleleeeeeee.

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