February 15, 2013

Our Tech Savvy Crew

Daniel Goldin with LED lights.

The Mondavi Center crew is always looking for ways to improve the patron and artist experience. This season, our master electrician Daniel Goldin installed LED stage lights in the Vanderhoef Studio Theatre. The new fixtures were purchased with the primary goals of providing a wider range of vibrant color for our cabaret performances and creating a better environment for classical music instruments. The LED lights require the use of fewer fixtures and they generate less heat, which reduces the amount spent on instrument repair and air-conditioning. The fixtures use about 70% less electricity and do not have bulbs that burn out quickly.

In addition, Goldin has put new iPad technology to use. By using a special app he can wirelessly connect to the computer lighting console in the booth from anywhere in the building and control the lights with his iPad.

Artist-in-residence Lara Downes has also found clever uses for her iPad. She has begun storing all of her music scores in her iPad, which she then takes on tour instead of sheet music. She can even “turn the page” during performance by using a special Bluetooth pedal.

Find out more by watching Goldin and Downs on Good Day Sacramento:http://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/video/8347418-music-on-ipads/

Lara Downes with Tina Macuha of Good Day Sacramento.

Daniel Goldin programming lights on his iPad in the Vanderhoef Studio Theatre.

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