February 27, 2013

Bridgétt Attends a School Matinee

Students and teachers in Jackson Hall following the Pilobolus Matinee

On February 25, I watched the school matinee of Pilobolus Dance Theatre, a contemporary dance company. The Mondavi Center’s Target School Matinee Series offers the opportunity for students to experience live performance to enhance the K–12 curriculum.

I didn’t really know what to expect, as the term “modern dance” seems to mean just about anything these days. Thankfully, I enjoyed the performance, finding it both entertaining and thought-provoking. Like the students surrounding me, I took this as an opportunity to learn something new.  

In the beginning of the show, one of the performers described a quote by famous actor Orson Welles: “the absence of limitations is the enemy of art.” Thinking back on the themes of this show, I thought about how double-sided that statement is. On the one hand, constraint can be easily seen as influencing good art, perhaps best summed up in Anne of Green Gables when the title character says that one benefit of being poor is that she has to “dream it all up.” Certainly many artists have overcome poverty, poor health, or broken families to create inspiring art. On the other hand, the incredible fame and financial success Andy Warhol experienced in his lifetime, a somewhat uncommon occurrence for an artist, did not stop him from continuing in his artistic visions. Thankfully, the performer also described what I found to be a satisfying middle point: the idea of self-discipline, of placing my own limitations to help foster my creativity.

Of all the events I have been to this year at the Mondavi Center, this performance by Pilobolus has certainly made one of the most lasting impressions on me. I can’t wait until they return in the future!

Find more information about the Mondavi Center Target School Matinees.

 —Bridgétt Rangel-Rexford

Bridgétt Rangel-Rexford is the winner of the 2012–13 winner of the Mondavi Center Golden Ticket Social Media Contest. Chosen to be the social media storyteller for our 10th anniversary season, Bridgétt will blog about her experiences at Mondavi Center performances throughout the season. You can also check out her Sun Queen Blog.


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