January 17, 2013

Farewell APAP|NYC 2013

It's always hard to summarize vast and varied APAP experience. In many ways the biggest reflection of what truly inspired and excited us in our eight consecutive days of work (and no, I am certainly not complaining) will not be seen until the 2014–15 Season. As the pattern usually goes, the soon-to-be-announced 2013–14 Season really flickered into life a year ago at APAP 2012. Last week we wrapped 2013–14 up (more or less!), so the big new ideas and the dreamiest of conversations were really about 2014–15. Some were even about 2015–16. As I settle back in at home and we start to ground those ideas in reality, to make them so, and to put future seasons together piece by piece, I can't help thinking how incredibly lucky we are to do what we do, in such a beautiful place, with such warm and willing artists, audiences and colleagues. Thanks!

—Jeremy Ganter, Mondavi Center Associate Executive Director and Director of Programming

|NYC, the annual conference of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, is the world's largest networking forum and marketplace for performing arts professionals. More than 3,500 presenters, artists, managers, agents and emerging arts leaders from 28 countries convene in New York City for five days of professional development, business deals and exciting performances.


  1. Can hardly wait for the next season at Mondavi.Off to see Monterey Jazz tonite. Always a treat to be in the Center. Keep up the good work.

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