December 19, 2012

“Safety Stars”

Daniel Goldin, "Safety Star"
The Mondavi Center hopes that you and your family had a safe and happy holiday season!
Safety has always been a priority at The Mondavi Center. The production department holds safety training sessions throughout the year for both full and part time employees. The front of house team includes safety in every usher orientation and they review emergency evacuation procedures in the usher briefings prior to each performance.
Mondavi Center assistant production manager/master electrician Daniel Goldin has taken safety to the next level. Early in the season, Goldin was named a UC Davis Safety Star for his outstanding efforts towards improving safety at the Mondavi Center. Goldin was pleasantly surprised by his award, which he received during a Mondavi Center staff meeting. The award was presented by Bob Wachter, EH&S injury and illness prevention specialist, and Nick Crossley, emergency management and mission continuity, on behalf of the UC Davis Safety Council.
Read more about Goldin and the other UC Davis Safety Stars at:
Goldin chairs The Mondavi Center Safety Committee, a group that meets quarterly to discuss and implement improvements that will enhance safety for all guests and employees, including extensive safety training for new production department employees and refresher training for continuing staff. 

Goldin received his award during a Mondavi Center staff meeting.

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