November 7, 2012

Bridgétt Blogs About B.B.

Having already seen quite a handful of performances during the 2012–13 season, I have enjoyed the opportunity to see people who have been keystones of entire movements in both technology and the arts.
When I saw B.B King on the events list I knew that I had to take my father. When I was little I remember waking up around midnight from nightmares and finding my dad in the living room watching re-runs of King’s live performances. My dad hardly ever gets to go out and enjoy himself, so being able to give him the chance to see a legend not only made me feel like such a good daughter but it also doubled the nostalgia I already felt in the presence of such an accomplished performer. Being able to see someone who had devoted their entire work to improving their craft has further inspired me to work on my many passions and share them with others as well.
B.B. King was one of my top favorite performances hosted by the Mondavi Center thus far. While King played fan favorites, what I enjoyed most was hearing him talk freely while his band held a steady tune. When King reminisced that it was 50 years ago when he had “attempted” (as he modestly insisted) to write his first song, it instantly took the concert to a tremendously personal level for me. I became a little dizzy trying to absorb the fact that his music has flowed through numerous venues around the world and how I am one of millions who have made the effort to be in the same room as this man.
Bridgétt Rangel-Rexford is the 2012–13 winner of the Mondavi Center Golden Ticket Social Media Contest. Chosen to be the social media storyteller for our 10th anniversary season, Bridgétt will blog about her experiences at Mondavi Center performances throughout the season. You can also check out her Sun Queen Blog.



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