October 19, 2012

Bridgétt Looks Back on Life as a Young Musician

NPR’s popular radio show From the Top will record a broadcast at the Mondavi Center on October 25. The show will feature four young musicians: 16 year-old flute player Annie Wu, 11 year-old violinist Alex Zhou, 15 year-old pianist Phoebe Pan and 17 year-old guitarist Alec Holcomb.

As chance would have it, our own Social Media Storyteller, Bridgétt Rangel-Rexford, also begin playing the violin at a young age. She is excited to meet the four From the Top kids next week, which caused her to think back on her own days as a young musician.
I still remember the day I started playing my violin. Although it has now been over a decade since that 5th grade music class, I still feel an emotional attachment with my beloved “Vivi,”like an extension of my voice that I can share with those around me. Playing in concert settings as a young adult was such a great experience for me that I will always fondly remember.
It is largely for this reason that I really look forward to attending the From the Top episode to be hosted by the Mondavi Center. This NPR show highlights the stories of some extraordinary young artists as they pursue their dreams through their music. Sometimes, when attending events similar to these, there can be a perception that we have to go to “support the program” or its students. While this is definitely true, the young men and women who will be performing that night are also highly talented in their own right, already pursuing their dreams through outstanding opportunities that many older musicians still haven’t achieved!

Annie Wu

Alex Zhou

Phoebe Pan

Alec Holcom

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