September 24, 2012

Introducing the new Mondavi Center Storyteller

Following an intense 11-day competition among our five Golden Ticket Social Media Contest finalists on the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts Facebook Page, Bridgétt Rangel-Rexford was chosen by popular vote to be our social media storyteller for the 10th anniversary season. Here is a little about Bridgétt:

After receiving her degree in art history, Bridgétt arrived in Davis last year with her husband who is attending graduate school at UC Davis. She serves as a visual merchandiser for a local Davis boutique, and her hobbies include ballet folklorico, violin, and creating mosaic glass pieces. She loves to surround herself with all forms of art, and what she especially enjoys is the art of documentation. As editor of Sacramento Fashion Week and creator of her “art” blog "The Sun Queen" Bridgett is always excited to find and document new and creative people, ideas and projects. Some of her past favorite past subjects include galleries, fashion designers and musicians. Whether by taking photos or recording interviews, Bridgétt finds that candid documentation provides the best insights of her subjects. As Mondavi Center’s 10th anniversary Social Media Storyteller, she hopes to capture and share her “impressions” of the performers through her words, just as Mary Cassat’s impressionist paintings captured moments at the opera.

You might even say she is a modern Renaissance woman.

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