September 24, 2012

Bridgétt Blogs About Bonnie

I always like to share my experiences with others, and I believe that listening to live music can be a great bonding activity. As such, I invited my co-worker Kealah Reyes to attend the recent Bonnie Raitt concert with me. We were both already excited about the performance, but when we realized the incredible Mavis Staples was playing as well, the concert became twice as tantalizing!

For me, Bonnie Raitt’s concert was like a rite of passage. Thanks to my parents, I always heard her songs as I grew up, but the meanings behind the lyrics didn’t fully register with me until her live performance. Raitt’s songs are bluntly honest as was her amusing banter with the audience between songs. As the lyrics of love, hope and struggle flowed into my ears, the experience made the hair on my arms stand up. My arms remained that way throughout the entire concert, and I probably looked like a fuzzy yet oh-so-happy member of the audience.

By the time the concert was done, both Kealah and I were happily exhausted from sedentary exercise. The commanding vocals and accompanying instrumentals caused us to snap, clap and tap for three marvelous hours! This was certainly as great of an experience as I had hoped, and I’m so energized for the next outstanding event here at the Mondavi Center!

--Bridgétt Rangel-Rexford, Mondavi Center Social Media Storyteller

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